With the flows on the Madison out of Hebgen Dam at 1400 cfs and the clarity of the river at perfection, the Madison fished pretty darn well throughout the valley. Molly and I got down to the river around 9 am to find it pretty empty……below Lyons Bridge that is.  3$ Bridge was by far the busiest spot in the Wade Stretch, so we avoided it altogether.   We wade fished at Windy Point in the morning, then had a couple of Budweisers after which we headed to Reynolds Pass and the Slide for the rest of the day.  Anglers seemed to clear out around 4 pm giving us a ton of room to fish in solitude. There weren’t fish in every slot, but when we did find a trout, there were always more.  The fly patterns didn’t seem to matter as much as the drift…..hmmm go figure, you get a good drift and the eat your fly…..rubber leg stones, sjw, shop vac and my new pattern, now called the Slide Stone, all produced well.


When things get busy on the Madison, or any other river for that matter, visiting anglers shoulde remember to give each other plenty of space. Nobody wants to have someone fishing in your back pocket or bump up ahead of you by 40 yards as you make your way upstream.  I heard some interesting reports of bad river ettiquette yesterday, but luckily we avoided it.  The best thing to do when something like the above happens, is to just walk away……yep, that’s right walk away – or go to your rig, get in and drive downstream until you don’t see anyone.  I would like to say that you could educate them, but these days most folks won’t listen and you might end up ruining your day…….screw that.