The Golden Stonefly

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Buggy and effective.


The biot body stonefly might be the only other stonefly nymph I fish, although the prince nymph is hard to beat…..I cannot lie, so add that to the list…..3 patterns to imitate these insects.  The first biot stoneflies I saw were tied by Mike Mercer, his Epoxyback still gets’em good, all the way down to the #18.   Steve Driskill, an Oregon tier and owner of Crow Flies, has his own imitation for these as well – a dirty fly and killer on the Missouri.   My version omits the epoxy, but I do coat the fly with a couple layers of head cement.  Stoneflies, by nature, have a lighter underbody and are dark on top.   Spending most of your time on the bottom of a river attached to a boulder will do that.   If you take a black or brown marker, it is easy to darken the top of the pattern….several small dots from the point of that marker is just perfect.   Woodduck just might the best tail or leg material around.  Barred and brown.  This variation has an olive wire ribbing over the biot – this provides for a stronger fly and a  little color.  The long white biots on Doug Prince’s  Prince Nymph gave me the idea for long brown biots on the fly below.  Almost looks like a cape……Super-Golden? 


A confidence fly.

Biot stoneflies are fished all over the country, on miles and miles of river with huge success.  From #16 to a #8, they can cover the gamut for the many different natural stoneflies found out west.  In Southwest Montana, these flies are fishable year around and trout seem especially fond of them in the  late winter, spring and summer.   Fishing this fly dry-dropper, on the upper reaches of the Madison River in Montana in the summer,  is something everyone should try.  Atleast once.   Some consider the dry-dropper to be cheating….yes it is nymphing…but there is no bobber… honestly, I call it smart and fishy.  Can be a pain in the ass to cast.  If they eat the dry, cut off the dropper, otherwise, go with the plan.   Works well with midging fish too.   A wonderful tool, all the way around.

Slim and sleak.