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Traveling in style.....no lines, no searches....

For the traveling angler coming from the South, there is a sweet deal brewing from Delta Air Lines.  As some of you already know, one can fly into West Yellowstone from June 1 to Sept 30 to access some of the best fishing Montana has to offer.  Delta Air Lines, based in Atlanta, is offering flights from Atlanta to West Yellowstone for $144.70 each way for the summer of 2011.  There is one stop in Salt Lake City, but honestly, that is a great deal. 

Think about it…….bring a friend and split the trip…….

1. Book a trip or two with Big Sky Anglers for 2011….first and foremost do this.  Our rates have not changed for next season!

2. Book lodging in West Yellowstone, say at Yellowstone Cabins and RV (a cheap, clean cabin to hang your hat) for $90/ night.  Walking stumbling drunk distance from downtown……food, drinks and shops.  Who needs a car when you got legs!!

3.  Again, no need to rent a car.  We’ll pick you up at the airport just north of town and take you to your cabin rental…..save money on car rental and are now able to buy something for the lady at home who kindly gave you the green light for yet another fishing trip to Montana…she knows just how good it is for you.

4.  How do you get to the river, you ask?  Relax, you’re fishing with Big Sky Anglers.  We will pick you up at the cabin and if you’re lucky we’ll still give you a ride back at the end of the day…..that is ofcourse if you fish your dryflies downstream of the boat and set the hook like you got a pair….just kidding, we pride ourselves on patience. 


Come fish dry flies with us next summer!!!!

 The Deal – 3 nights and 2 days of pure excitement and joy on the Madison River

2 days fishing with BSA – $450/day, total – $900

3 nights at Yellowstone Cabins – $90/night, $270

Food & Drink – eat at the Mexican Bus on the cheap, say $10 each for dinner, grab a 12 pack of Black Star ($11) on the way, drink it there.  Watch the tourists for entertainment while you and fishing buddy grub out on good mexi dishes….quite fun….I have done this for years….more fun with beer.  Bring a koozy to hide the beer and keep it cold.  No Yeti here….. 

Split the cost of everything with your fishing buddy…..total cost, depending on how much you eat and drink = $1270…..call it $1300 and split it – $650 each.  Now all you need is your cheap ass plane ticket from Delta Air Lines – $290 round trip. 

2 days of guided fishing, 3 nights in West Yellowstone for $950 per person….if you’re smart you’ll bring home something for that fine lady in your life…..add $100.  Then maybe she’ll let you do it again in September.  When was the last time you spent roughly $350 per day on guided fly fishing, lodging, flights and meals???

BOOK BEFORE DECEMBER 31, 2010 & RECEIVE GUIDE TRIPS FOR $400/DAY….$50 off!….it just got cheaper. 



D. Waters and a Madison River Brown Trout.