For 8 years now, Kevin and the Chicken Boys from the South have joined the crew at BSA for fabulous fly fishing throughout Montana.  We have fished the Madison, Missouri, Big Hole and the Beaverhead.  5 years ago we started hitting the Missouri in June, before the word really got out about June on the Mo’, and this venue continues to prove superior to most rivers in the state.  Not to take away from any other groups we fish with, but these guys from the Southern States (16- 20 anglers each year) have got to be the most laid back, enjoyable people we get to fish with.  Thanks fellas, see ya next week.


Monty H....gets it done.

 While I love the Madison,  June on the Missouri is tough to beat.  This is the earliest (in a long time) that high water has hit the Missouri, with flows normally around 7000 cfs.  Flows out of Holter Dam have decreased as of late yesterday and are sitting at 13,600 cfs.  G. Falls has been on the water almost everyday for the past month and gives me nightly reports as my knee heels.  He and Mark Raisler, cracked em’ pretty good yesterday on sowbugs.  I stayed up late last night tieing up some #12 Rainbow Sowbugs with tungheads on them.  It has been tough not guiding the past two months, but the knee feels great and having it fixed is a huge load off my mind.  Tomorrow evening I will be sitting on the front porch of Headhunters.  Is there a better flyshop to hang out at?  I dont think so.


Mark H. has the mojo as well.