The bugle

by | Sep 12, 2010 | 0 comments

………….my father and I have been hunting elk almost everyday since the opener.  We have seen, heard, but not shot at any elk.   We watched one nice bull and 12 cows way up high, about a mile away, late one morning , but when we made our move they headed off into the dark timber never to be found again.  The elk  aren’t quite fired up just yet.  Sure, there are some elk bugling in SW Montana, but nothing too serious just yet.  I am headed into YNP for the next couple of days with a trip into the Meadows of Slough Creek and a day on the Soda Butte and Lamar.  There are two giant bulls at Exhibit Meadows on the Madison in YNP which are fighting almost every night.  Last night there was 200 people watching as these wild animals faught hard, locking anters and slamming their bodies against eachother.  The park elk always seem to get fired up before the huntable elk do here in Montana.  For the next week I will be busy guiding anglers in YNP and on the Madison River, then back to work hunting elk. 

Fall spawners are starting to show up on the Madison in YNP…..so are the anglers.  There aren’t tons of fish in just yet, but with the recent rain and snow falls and the river rising a little, I would bet there will be a run of large brown trout.  We will keep you posted.

A nice brown from YNP - 2009 - they are coming.....