….is coming to my house in 2013.  No photos just yet.

Some of you are pondering, those who have been in my Ro Deville, “why get a new boat, I like fishing from the Deville?”.  Yes, I thought the same, but since the accountant is telling me to put some money back into the business, I figured why not get a new boat.

While sitting at the Ro Boat Shop awhile back and chatting with Robert Eddins, he mentioned that a new mold was taking shape and will be popping out in 2013.  Then he asked, “do you wanna have the first one and demo it for the entire season?”.   After much discussion about his plans and my thoughts, I said yes.   Having sat in a Ro for the past 5 seasons, there are some concepts I can’t live without – my side anchor system being one of them.  Without going into much detail right now, I can tell you that Robert’s new skiff design looks very exciting on paper – wider, deeper and a bit more rocker than the Ro Skiff. My RO Mountain Panga will have complete walk around ability with the new rear leg brace, pedestal seats (maybe front and back, but probably just the back) and rod storage.  The rod and general storage is still in the design phase and with any luck, I will get some input on this.

The RO Mountain Panga is my Christmas present to Big Sky Anglers.