Aspens are turning…..elk are bugling.

 Trout love terrestrials and by this time of the year hopper, ants and beetles are a mainstay of their diet.  Both rainbows and browns will eat these flies, but they are tricky….sneeky, very sneeky.  I know from experience that most of these rises are infact ligitimate eats, but most folks will tell you, “Oh, he didn’t eat it, he just looked at it.”  Really?

 When a trout rises to eat a fly there is a certain look to it.  Sure the fish might make a last minute decision and refuse it, but when it’s mouth is wide open and he is coming from three feet away, odds are he or she, is going to eat…..IF YOU LET IT.  Buck fever comes to mind and most visiting anglers get it bad. 

 A guides eye balls see differently than most.  We look at water all day everyday and see through it.  We don’t just look at the flies, we watch the water around it and under it. We miss fish once in while too, but spending so much time on the water allows us to hook a few more.  It allows us to concentrate, because we’ve been here before, and let the trout eat it.  If he doesn’t, we calmly switch flies and try again.  A common mistake when refused is to frantically throw it right back in there.  Instead, anlgers should wait a minute…or two and relax.  Then make another cast with the same fly or a different fly.  Odds are the fish will come back up and this time you will be ready for it.


You know the spot…..if you don’t we can take you there.