12 Days of Christmas – Day Ten – KG Mini Streamer Selection

12 Days of Christmas – Day Ten – KG Mini Streamer Selection

Each year we get asked for streamer patterns that we personally like, flies we fish with and have success with.  It’s no secret that Kelly Galloup’s flies work and their bin appeal is second to none.  Kelly has spent a ton of time at the vise and at the river testing these patterns out, which is what every fly tyer should do before offering them to the public. A couple of winters ago I was down at the Slide Inn hanging out for little bit and watching KG tie.  He was working on a new pattern and when he was done, we took our beers outside and he worked this fly through a pool.  No shit, he smacked a fish on the first cast.  Maybe it was because he was fishing the fly, maybe it was the fly itself.  None the less, it was super cool to watch his process of tying and testing. We got excited when he finally came out with the mini versions of the Sex Dungeon and the Bangtails.  These two patterns have fantastic profiles in the water, their articulation and movement in the water is life like, they push just the right amount of water and they cast super well compared to their larger cousins.  A bonus of the mini versions is that the size of the fly pattern still triggers large trout to eat.  In Yellowstone National Park, the law says that the lure must have only a single barbless hook.  So our solution is to cut off one of the hooks.  But…which one?  Well, we debate this to no end here the shop and what we have come up with are two theories.

  1. When water temps are dropping or have been cold for quite some time (think mid October, November and most of the winter when swinging flies) we cut off the the front hook and leave the back hook.  We like having the hook as far back as possible in cold water as fish tend to nip at the back of the fly and having the hook in the back will give you more successful hookups.
  2. Throughout the rest of the season (May, June, July, August and Sept), we cut off the back hook and leave the front as we believe when big fish are hunting in warmer water, they focus on the front of the fly and maybe even focus on the eye of the baitfish. We even go as far as oversizing the eye on our custom tied flies for South America.

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This selection Includes:

Free BSA Fly Box

8 x Mini Dungeons

4 x Mini Bangtails

12 Days of Christmas –  Day One  – The Patagonia Essential Fly Selection

12 Days of Christmas – Day One – The Patagonia Essential Fly Selection

For the Holiday Season we are kicking things off with a 12 Days of Christmas run here on the blog, Instagram, FB and on our online fly shop.  If you’re looking for that hard to find gift for that angler in your family, look no further.  We will be featuring a new product every day or two from December 4th until December 19th, 2019.  These aren’t just any old items; while Justin was down in Argentina hosting anglers, Jonathan and Joe combed through the shop and packaged up some super dope products that we believe in and use throughout the season while guiding, traveling and fishing ourselves. Each item will come with it’s own little surprise, like Cracker Jacks from days of old! We will be pushing these items out via Social Media as well, but feel free to visit the blog for more information if you steer away from Social Media.


On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me….51 flies and the box is FREE!

Patagonia Essentials Custom Fly Selection

After years of fishing and guiding in Patagonia, J3 (Jonathan, Justin and Joe) went through the fly bins here at the shop and hand picked their favorite flies for the rivers between San Martin and Esquel in Argentina and Region X in Chile.  Time after time we have seen anglers show up in Patagonia with the wrong flies.  Why travel 6000 miles and show up with a subpar box of bugs? This selection works throughout the entire season down south and is full of dry flies, tungsten bead heads and a solid selection of streamers including Jonathan’s tried and true Pancora Crab.  For the past few years we have been putting together custom boxes for our travel customers, generally we send them along with a few more but this selection is a fantastic start.  If you’re headed down to Patagonia this winter, or any winter for that matter, give us a shout and we will out line the gear you will need.  Our selection comes with a total of 20 dry flies, 14 nymphs and 17 streamers for $150 including the box. Click here to buy the Patagonia Essentials fly selection on the online fly shop – It will not disappoint!

Flies – Left side of the box: (2) #4 Royal Water Walkers, (3) #8 Black & Tan Chubby Chernobyl, (2) #12 Fathead Cicadas, (1) #12 Swisher’s PMX, (2) #12 & #14 Jojo’s Chubbinator, (2) #14 & #16 Arrick’s Ant, (2) #14 & #16 Harrop’s PMD Paraspinner, (2) #14 Red Missing Link, (2) #16 Purple Haze, (1) #12 Red SJW, (1) #12 Tan SJW, (2) #14 AZ Hare’s Ear Dark, (2) #14 AZ Hare’s Ear Light, (2) #16 AZ Hare’s Ear Dark, (2) #16 AZ Hare’s Ear Light, (2) #16 R/L Tactical PT, (2) #16 BH Pheasant Tail.  Right side of the box: (1) #4 Olive and White Barely Legal, (2) #6 Olive BSA Bouface leeches, (2) #6 Black BSA Bouface leeches, (2) #6 BH Olive Crystal Bugger, (2) Olive #4 BSA Best Fly Ever, (2) Black #4 BSA Best Fly Ever, (2) #4 Coffey’s Sparkle Minnow Sculpins, (2) #4 The Professor’s Pancora Crab, (2) #8 The Professor’s Pancora Crab

Patagonia Essentials Custom Fly Selection