Argentina Travel Update – 11/19/2020

Argentina Travel Update – 11/19/2020

We have recently fielded a number of phone calls here at Big Sky Anglers asking about fishing in Argentina/Chile this upcoming 2020/21 season. The time is right for an update on travel to Argentina, including the Patagonia regions.

Due to COVID related restrictions, our groups that were scheduled to fish Patagonia this November and December and January have been rescheduled for late 2021/2022.

As of now, we are hopeful that we will be able to safely, effectively, and legally travel to Argentina from February through April. That said, there is a lot that has to happen internally in Argentina before this is an option. Rest assured, we are in close touch with friends and partners throughout Argentina on an almost daily basis, and we are keeping a close eye on what has been developing down south.

Argentina’s fishing season recently opened to Argentine resident anglers, but many provinces throughout Argentina are still not allowing Argentines to move from one province to another. There is a plan in place to allow Argentine residents to travel to Patagonia from other provinces, but this new plan is in its infancy. There is currently no official date in place for when foreign visitors can travel to Argentina, that we have been able to find. Any dates being published are based on speculation. For our friends down south in the fishing business these next couple of months will likely determine if Argentina will open its doors to foreign tourists in 2021.

We here at Big Sky Anglers will gladly visit with you about the current state of affairs in Argentina relating to foreigners traveling in 2021 and going forward. If things do look like they are opening up to foreigners there a number of outfitters/lodges that we work with who will be in a position to operate and provide the fantastic experiences they are known for. If you are interested in visiting more about fishing in Argentina please call Justin, Joe, or Jonathan at the Shop: 406-646-7801. And, we will be sure to provide another update on our blog when we have more solid information in hand.

In the meantime we will be sharing pictures of our close Argentine friends experiencing some great early season fishing with almost no angling pressure.

If you are interested in doing some research on travel restrictions on your own, the following websites may come in handy.

Boca Fever!

Route 40 Road Trip – Patagonia,Argentina

Route 40 Road Trip – Patagonia,Argentina

March 21 – April 4, 2020

From the birthplace of  Patagonia fly fishing in the north to its frontier in the south, Route 40 runs through the heart of Patagonia. Join Big Sky Angler’s Steve Hoovler March 21 – April 4, 2020 on a customized, two-week adventure from the north to the south of Argentina’s classic trout country.

 We have spent the last 2 decades living, working, and fishing throughout this vast region and this trip encompasses some of our absolute favorites.  You’ll experience the best fly fishing and authentic Argentine hospitality in all of Patagonia. You’ll be fishing with english-speaking guides that are not only our partners but are our friends, the people we have come to know and respect through our years of experience.

This two week adventure is designed to sample the best of what Patagonia has to offer, 5 days of fishing in the south and 5 days in the north.  It begins in a remote basecamp situated on the high steppes at the base of the Andes, here you’ll be fishing for large, migratory brook trout while enjoying views of the glaciers and mountains of Chile.  We’ll venture north, fishing from drift boats and rafts on the Rio Corcovado and southern Argentina’s fabulous tailwater fishery, the Rio Grande.  We’ll stay at El Encuentro lodge on the banks of the Rio Grande, enjoying the warm hospitality of our good friends, great wine selections, and terrific food. After the first five days of fishing, we’ll drive through Los Alerces National Park and make our way to Bariloche for a rest day on the shores of Lago Nahuel Huapi.

We’ll spend the next session north of Bariloche near the cradle of flyfishing in Argentina, drift boat fishing on the Rio Collon Cura and Rio Limay, lodging on the shores of the Collon Cura.  These are two of the most spectacular and exciting fall fisheries of Patagonia and both host great populations of resident trout with migratory fish in the systems as well. The Collon Cura valley is filled with wildlife, and you’ll catch glimpses of red stags in the rut, rheas, wild pigs, and armadillos.  Condors soar high above the river and and flocks of parrots will noisily entertain you while drifting the river. The Rio Limay is located out in the steppe country, away from the Andes, some of the largest brown trout in Patagonia are taken from its waters.

We invite you to join us on this unforgettable Patagonia flyfishing adventure!  Please contact us for more information.