Argentina Fishing Report – Golden Dorado in the North

Argentina Fishing Report – Golden Dorado in the North

Dan Vogel, Steve Rewick, and I just finished an awesome week of fishing for golden dorado in northern Argentina. We spent the first half of the week at Pira Lodge located near the Ibera Marsh and the second half at Suinda Lodge located on the Upper Parana River. Both places offer fantastic lodging, and guides, but the drastically different fisheries between the two locations make for a very fun and diverse week of angling.
The Ibera Marsh is very unique in that the fishing takes places inside a wildlife preserve and few people have access to this protected area. The resident dorado average 4-8 pounds but 20+ pound fish are caught. The variety of birds, reptiles, capybara, and marsh deer add to the fishing experience. There is a plan to reintroduce once extinct Jaguars into the marsh, which could add another incredible aspect to this destination. I have visited Pira numerous times now, and it keeps impressing me. The fish, wildlife, guides, lodge, staff, and food are simply excellent.
Following our time at Pira Lodge, we headed to Suinda Lodge, which has a rustic jungle setting. The lodge is located on the main Parana River.  The fishing takes place on larger water than the smaller, more intimate Ibera Marsh. The Upper Parana has a reputation for 20+ pound dorado – some over 40 pounds have been caught! Waters are clear on this upper stretch of river, making for some incredible sight fishing opportunities. We fished the banks with structure, swung flies near mid river rocks, and sight fished sand flats for massive dorado busting schools of sábalo. We also targeted Pacu, a fruit eating fish, that sits near the bank waiting for fruit to fall out of trees. We saw and heard howler monkey’s and a variety of tropical birds. The lodge, guides, staff, are amazing, just like at Pira.
It is hard to describe in words the excitement of dorado fishing.  Explosive takes, and powerful fights are amplified by the unique setting, hot and humid weather, and exotic wildlife.  The fact that these fisheries pair very well with a trout-based trip to the Argentine Patagonia farther to the south makes them all the more attractive to me.  Variety is the spice of the fishing life!!
This coming week we are off to Estancia Tecka in the Chubut Province to fish for truchas, so stay tuned!
If you would like to find out more about the golden dorado fishing we do in Argentina please contact me via email at
Dispatches Volume 1:  Fly Fishing in Chile with Jonathan Heames

Dispatches Volume 1: Fly Fishing in Chile with Jonathan Heames

Welcome to the first edition of Dispatches, a new series which reports on the Big Sky Anglers crew as they travel the globe in search of angling adventures. Each edition of Dispatches will feature an interview with one of our angling pros while they are on assignment or travelling for fun. Our crew might be hosting anglers in a remote destination, guiding clients on our home waters, or exploring new fishing territory at home and abroad.

This edition features BSA co-owner and head guide Jonathan Heames who is reporting from a remote island in Chilean Patagonia. Jonathan has been fly fishing in Chile for nearly 20 years, and his perspective and knowledge are impressive. Give a listen to what Jonathan has been up to, and stay tuned for more reports from the BSA crew.

“Where are you right now? How did you get there? Where are you off to next?”


“What is your target species? Why did you pick this location and time for that species?”


“How are you targeting these fish?”


“What’s one thing that’s happened on your trip so far that you didn’t expect?”


“What are the conditions like?”


“What’s been your favorite piece of gear on this trip so far, and why?”


“What’s the best thing you’ve had to eat?”


“Have you learned any new words or phrases?”


“What’s your playlist been on this trip…what tunes are you listening to?”