Holy Waders

With all the warm weather lately, I had not needed the gortex overalls in quite awhile.  Last week, while on the Madison in YNP, I noticed a bit of water in my left foot…..leaks…..luckily I didn’t get cold as the high sunshine kept me warm as my wood stove in January.  So today, during a much needed day off to play catch up, I got out the spray bottle and found…….pin holes, 8 inch long leaky seems and such.  This is my second season on this pair of Simms Waders…….while the fit is unsurpased and touted as the best waders in the world, they just quite aren’t made for guides like me.  I walk through underbrush, kneel in the river, hunt ducks and actually use these things….. I don’t just sit on my ass doing the yo-yo on the Mighty Mo from April till November.  They are fixed, for now, and should get me through the Fall guide season.