A quality fish - anywhere in the world. Missouri River, Montana

When angling the Missouri River in October, mid to late October, one rarley expects to see 65 degree temps, sunshine, shit for hatches and no clouds……..for days on end.  The wind won’t let up either and when there are no bugs and high sun, the wind just adds to the long list of why the river is tough and inconsistent from day to day.  Are we catching fish, you ask?  Sure and some really good ones as well.  But the numbers are lacking a bit.  Yesterday was tough for our four boats, today was pretty good.  There were mixed reports on the deck at Headhunters this evening from a number of guides who fished river wide today.  The Canyon has yet to turn on, seeming to wait for the river to catch up with the calendar.  If you can huck streamers ramp to ramp, you will get some nice trout.  I saw only one real big beatis today, a number 18.  There were a few of these of robust, creamy white mayflies – about a number 14 – that emerged this afternoon….maybe a member of the Heptageniidae Family.  I have seen this bug on other stretches of the Missouri as well.   This is the latest season on record for me  in which trout are still rising to hoppers.   November is fast approaching and with it will come hints of winter.  Some of the folks around here believe that the Missouri will pop with big baetis some time in early November.  As soon as the river cools, it will begin to fish with consistency.  Cloud cover and cold daytime temps for days on end is the answer.   For now, we have high sun, wind, limited hatches and decent fishing.  Is really that bad?  No. Is it time to hunt birds behind a pointer and elk with a rifle?  Yes.