The flow out of Hebgen is 1100 cfs, up from a few days ago at 860.  The float stretch is crusing along at 1430 cfs which makes fishing dry flies from the boat very enjoyable.  The fish are healthy and continue to eat both sub surface and above. I was on the river 19 out of the 23 days and I must say that the trout are willing to rise….if you let them eat it.  Teaching someone how to set the hook can be difficult at times.  Some fish slam the H E double hockey sticks out if it and others inspect the fly for a leg count and a wiggle.  When it comes to decision time with setting the hook, all I can say is that there is no substitution for time on the river.  Just keep trying, at the very least you are drifting your fly the way they like it. That says alot in my book.

Watch out for afternoon thundershowers and hail storms throughout the entire Madison Drainage.  They may only last a few minutes, but scarey it can be.  Gortex raincoats are a worth their weight in gold when those storms roll in as well as an extra layer in the boat.  Greg and his clients hid under a tarp for a while to avoid the deluge that put four inches of rain in his boat just a few day ago from Ruby to Varney.

Stayed tuned for more reports from the Madison…..there are still Salmon Flies and Goldens cruising most of the river from Palisades to Hegben Lake.