Summer into Winter

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Not long now…….

We had a summer, for about 5 weeks this season. Fall seemed to last only a week or two…..will it return?

  My how short things can be sometimes.  I took the photo above this afternoon once the clouds had cleared revealing the snowcapped mountains.  At 6666 ft, it feels like Winter has strolled in a bit early this year.  We have nicer weather in the forecast, but it seems like the snow is going to stick around for awhile.  Our woodpile at the house is almost complete, but something tells me we might just need more.  Another winter like the last two you ask?  Lets hope so.

 There are BWOs below Quake and there are fish eating them all through the wade stretch of the Madison.  Look for noses in slicks and fish the side channels cautiously before walking out to the big water.  The wind has stuck around too, bringing in the snow storms, so dress warm – hand warmers, gloves, hats and layers.  Bring a thermos of soup and it will make your day.

 There are still plenty of fish running up from Hebgen into the Madison.  We fished yesterday, but it seemed like the fish were more on the move and not eating very well.  There is more pressure on the weekends, so maybe that had something to do with it.  Or was it the 20 mph winds and snow?  Maybe we should have hit the river harder….

I am headed back to the Missouri at the end of this week for several days of guiding and a couple days of fishing.  Stay tuned for more reports.


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