Still nymphing…….

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Missouri River Morning

The Missouri River below Holter Dam is still flowing at 16,000 cfs. When will it end? Hmmmmm……..when the hail and rain stops in SW Montana. Baseball sized hail fell two days ago in Bozeman, MT damaging nearly everything. The Big Hole and Gallatin are still running high and the lake systems below these rivers are at full pond. What comes in, must come out. Nymphing has been good to great up here. There has been some slower periods during the day, but honestly, the fishing is pretty darn good on the Missouri. EVERYONE here is ready for lower water and dry flies. Crayfish patterns, worms, tung darts, silvey’s pupa, scuds and mayfly nymphs have all been producing. 8-9 feet to the split shot.

G. Lyons with a chunky Rainbow

For the seven years, Gordon has spent anywhere from three to five days fishing with Big Sky Anglers. We have fished YNP, the Madison and the Missouri over the years and we always have a blast. Thanks for a wonderful three days of fishing Gordon!

Evening light down in the Canyon.