Spring? Where are you?

by | Apr 17, 2009 | 0 comments


I woke to overcast and 25 degrees this morning.  Off in the distance, past the Lake towards the Madison Canyon, it looks as if there are rays of sunshine pouring on to the ground…… I need rays of sunshine.  It seems as if spring will never come.  We got hammered by another storm two days ago that left a foot at the house and twice as much in the mountains.

Yesterday, I took a drive down below Hebgen Dam.  The Madison is flowing a rather large 1140 cfs. Midges emerged for several hours, with only a few fish willing to rise. I never saw a trout rise twice. I did however watch a bobber drift and hooked quite a few fish with stoneflies, sjw and midge pupa. 

The forecast for the next several days, is sunshine and highs in the 50-60’s.  Some lower elevations might see 70 degrees.  Expect to see runoff on streams like the Gallatin, Yellowstone, Dearborn and the Prickly Pear if the sun shines for several days.