Southwest Montana and Western YNP

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Snowy mountains above Hebgen Lake

The mountains are still very white  above 8500 ft, but the rest of the world is greening up nicely.  I ran up to Bozeman today for some errands and running around, ended up buying a Nikon D3100 and two lenses……an 18-55 and a 55-200.   Yep, big purchase for me…haven’t really bought something this big in a while…except for a puppy, but that was just to keep things real in the field….you know what I mean?   The puppy isn’t a business write off, the camera is.  For now, I am going to shoot everything I see and learn along the way about manual settings.  Luckily, my web guyis a pro and will be here in just a couple of weeks to give the tutorial I am in much need of. 

Crown Butte

 The Gallatin in YNP looks very good until the confluence of the Taylor’s Fork in Montana.  Sure, it’s high and maybe a bit cold, but there are some great looking seams and slots where the main flow meets the channels.  I bet a rubber leg and a bead head would do the trick….streamers??  Well, possibly, but I wouldn’t strip them too fast just yet. 

Looking NW from Horse Butte.

More on the snow pack…..

In our neck of the woods, run off has peaked on some rivers, but others are still going to get a little higher……..and muddier.  It should happen in the next few days as the warmer temps have arrived.  The waters in YNP seems to be going down – the Firehole, Gibbon and Madison are droppping.  The Madison in Montana is on the rise.  Expect Cabin and Beaver Creeks to get much larger after this warm spell.  70 degree daytime temps are exactly what we need to get things really moving on these two streams.  If they really getting ripping, then Quake might actually get green by the first of July…..maybe.  Stay tuned for more water updates and speculation what what may or may not happen to the Madison in Montana.

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