South Holston River

by | Jan 16, 2007 | 0 comments

One of my roommates and good friends, David Stelling, guides for App Angler and we put in below the dam with brothers Justin and Rhett who both work and guide for App Angler as well. We started out nymphing with a SJW and a BWO nymph. Once we got below the weir it seemed like there was a trout in every seam we fished. The rainbows really got on the worm for awhile, but then things changed and the BWO nymph was the ticket. I got a nice brown about 19 inches up to the net, but he spit my nymph just as I was easing him to the net. While anchored up and nymphing a slot, Justin and Rhett did the short float, just to Jack’s, and spent more time upstream. From the sound of it, they got’em good.