SoDak Opener

by | Oct 13, 2011 | 0 comments

Stella & Huck

Years ago, I listened to stories about 300 birds per field, daily bag limits by 12:30 (no hunting before noon in S. Dakota the first week) acres of private land and thought that might be a quality time.  Earlier this summer,  the invite was extended to hunt in Kimball, SD on two different private ranches.   I quickly said yes, wasn’t even sure if my guide schedule would even coincide and hadn’t asked Molly either – she rarely cares anyway and loves the time to herself.  Sweet girl she is.  Lucky am I. 

 Managing to book all of my guide trips before and after this epic bird hunt, we are headed to SoDak today.  Stella has never seen a pheasant (except for the fresh wings from E. Montana donated by my nieghbor, Mister Johnson) and Huckleberry hasn’t left my side since I started packing up the gear two nights ago.  He knows what the bird bag and double gun are all about.  Stella, on the other hand, isn’t quite the seasoned bird dog as her counter part.  She understands what birds are and has pointed several, retrieved a couple and flushed plenty.  The SoDak Opener will be her first all out, die hard bird hunting trip.  This will change her and she should come away knowing why she is on this planet.  I could a give a shit if we get bag limits everyday, but the opportunity to put my pup infront of hundreds of birds is like no other.  Quality training leads to better hunting.