Snowy Valley

by | Dec 4, 2010 | 0 comments

This boat ramp is blown in solid with snow.

 The big snows during the past few weeks have taken hold in the Madison Valley.  We tried to drive into Palisades this afternoon and were greeted with 5 foot drifts.  Last season, one could drive all the way to the ramp in February….this Winter is starting strong.  Lots of snow along the banks makes for difficult walking.   There were fish rising today for midges and they ate nymphs as well, this afternoon was one of the prettiest as I can remember for early Winter.  Warm, not hardly a breeze and broken clouds.  A rare day.  As soon as the sun drifted behind the mountains, the temps dropped instantly.  

The highcountry of the Taylors and Hilgards...white as can be.