Summer?………not here.  Sure, we haven’t been hammered with snow like the rest of the state; we only got 10 inches out of this last storm.  Add that to the 2.5 feet still in my yard, and it feels like the doldrums of Winter.  The sun poked out this afternoon and for a little while, it was warm enough for a t-shirt.  Of course you still had wear long underwear, Carharts and pack boots to negotiate the water pools left by snow melting from the warm roof.

A fishing buddy, Travvy Pants, and I took a drive the other day to get out of the snow and ended up in Willow Creek for dinner at the Willow Creek Café.  I love this place.  A couple of Budweisers, Chicken fried chicken, little reds, homemade bread all swimming in creamy gravy – the kind of gravy you could eat by the spoonfuls all alone.  Blackberry cheese cake and some coffee to round it out. 


There are trout rising in Montana.  Midges are the attraction and we will see mayflies one of these days, it is April after all. I have yet to wet a line since surgery on the knee, but things are coming around quite nice and I hope to be wading and fishing in the not so distant future.  For now, I will keep tying flies and playing chuck-it with the hounds.  

There are good reports of fishing from Varney to Burnt Tree.  The river has changed a bit from last season and the channels have a different flow to them.  SJW, midge pupa, stoneflies and various beadheads will fool fish… will streamers.  Look for risers in the channels and out of the wind.

The Missouri is fishing, but don’t expect to go up there and get’em all day. There are thousands of rainbows spawing up the tribs, but there are brown trout in the lower river just waiting to eat my fly.  I am planning a couple of trips up there in the next few weeks to check out the angling.  With a little warmth, there might be mayflies, but I am not counting it and will be armed with sink tips and streamers.


My new Ro Deville is in the mold and arriving next week….I love new boats.