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Mo River Double

 I am now back in West Yellowstone after 8 days on the Missouri River.  I hated to leave Craig, since the shitty weather – meaning BWOs – was in the forecast.  Staying in Craig to fish dry flies and streamers meant that I would not hunt with Huckleberry for ducks or huns……..I also need to sight in my rifle for the opener on the 25th.  So many things to do. 


Layouts on the mudflats.

Today I spent the morning on Hebgen Lake hunting ducks with Drew and Tommy.   After motoring across Hebgen before daylight and setting up the decoys, we got in the layouts and waited.  A few teal came in as well as some mallards.  The wind was tricky and we didn’t quite have the right setup, but there were plenty of big ducks working.  The giant rafts of ducks in the middle of the lake are hard to compete with, but watching them get up, fly around, cup their wings and land again was worth the price of admission.  We sat in the wind and rain till about 12:30 heading then to thebar for chili and baseball.  Thank god for 2 out doubles in extra innings.  I really hate the Yankees.