Snow….yes…more snow

by | May 26, 2011 | 0 comments

A skiff of snow at 6600 ft....

Our weather for the past three days has been depressing.  Wind, rain and now we get snow.  Nothing makes one want to crack a few beers before 5 o’clock like a snowstorm in late May of a record snowpack year.  The Trout Gods must be angry.  It might be time to sacrifice a small dog (of the non-hunting breed….one of those annoying little ankle biters) to the Gods.  

I took a quick drive yesterday afternoon, the sun actually peaked out for a couple hours, and checked out the Madison River.  Driving past the Slide I couldn’t help but wet a line.  No waders are needed at this point, so I grabbed my rigged up Winston and caught a trout and a whitefish.   Most folks would look at the river and think, “That is too dirty to fish.”.  BUT, it is not.  There is only about 6-8 inches of visibility, but these trout are hungry.  Stoneflies, purple LBs, worms…will do the trick.  Multiple drifts through a hole is a must, so is split shot. 

Yellowstone National Park will open up to fishing on Saturday May 28th.  Two days ago, the Firehole spiked from all the rain.  Then it dropped back down, but is up again today.  Will you catch fish on the Firehole on Saturday….hmmmmmm….maybe, but I kinda doubt you will find rising trout.  I will be headed to the Missouri for 12 days on Saturday.  The Mo continues to fish through the high water and is currently flowing at 15,400 cfs.  When I return, the Firhole should be on the drop with good numbers of rising fish.

Keep your fingers crossed that the rain subsides and true run off begins.