Snow Pack Update

by | Dec 7, 2010 | 0 comments

Watch out for these Big Horns, they love to lick minerals by the roads!

Snowpack Report for  SW Montana
Madison River Basin – 114%…..we want more!
Gallatin River Basin – 130%……huge. 
Jefferson River Basin – 105%…..a great start.
The locals, by locals I mean folks who have either grown up in West or have spent 30 some odd years living in these parts, are saying we haven’t had snow like this before December since 1981…someone at the Corner Conoco said it was 1984.   Whatever it may be, the white gold has graced our mountains earlier than normal this Winter.  Someone once told me that when the snow melts, it turns in to pennies.  
The forecast for the Winter is cold and snowy.  A La Nina year according to the weather man….I never really pay attention to the these guys in the Winter.  They really only know if the wind is gonna blow or not.   Our trees in the forest behind the house are flocked with snow once again this morning, but only a couple of inches fell last night.  Last Winter, was a bad one for consistent snow.  We never really got it until mid March and then it didn’t let up until late June.  I, for one, would like to get snow in Winter and not in June…..but atleast we got it. 

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