Snow?? Not Much Yet….

by | Dec 12, 2011 | 0 comments

A frozen Earthquake Lake.

There has yet to be much white stuff fall from the skies this winter.  A skiff here and there since before Thanksgiving, but all in all, the snow has yet to come.  Looking around on the web, one can quickly find reports which say that December will continue to be cold and dry.  As I write, the thermometer reads 18 below zero.  Once January arrives, the snow should begin to fall on a regular basis.  Yellowstone National Park is set to open this week, on December 15th, but the West Gate will most likely be open to guided wheeled vehicles. 

A few of us hit the Madison River yesterday afternoon, for 3 hours of winter angling…..catch a trout, warm the hands….repeat.   We caught a few fish, on nymphs, in the wade stretch below Quake Lake.  Rubbers leg stoneflies, zebra midges,  lightning bugs and pink flies did the trick.