Snow it goes

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Snowy Bison

A blizzard just rolled through on Horse Butte, coated everything in a thick, heavy layer of white wetness.  We are slated for more  weather tonight….up goes the snowpack.   The angling has been pretty good, but the lower elevations have been hammered with wind, rain and snow squalls.   Yes, Spring can be rough at times, but the hardy folks prevail and fish hard.  They bring thermoses of coffee and handwarmers.  Some realize that this a small part of what it’s really about.  That in ten minutes, the storm will pass.  That casting a big stonefly and midge pupa will keep you warm.  Oh ya, the day always ends and that is the time to sit back and remember the crazy weather, that thick hatch of midges, how those trout really smacked the shit out of that rubber leg and how if you would have sat on your ass today instead of fishing, you’d had missed it all.  Drink a beer or 5, get warm and be happy you got outside to experience life.

Madison River in April.

 Snow pack Report

Madison – 121%

Gallatin – 129%

Jefferson – 123 %

West Yellowstone – 139%….and climbing this moment…again…large wet flakes.