Snow in the High Country

by | Sep 16, 2011 | 0 comments

ER hoists a nice one from the Madison.

When the phone last evening and informed me that a day in the rain was not what these folks were looking for, I said okay, and took the day off.  What do guides do when they get a day off?  Well………some get drunk and sleep in and yet others make a couple calls and hit the river for a float trip.   We fished streamers from Lyons to Palisades in the pouring rain, which blew side ways from time to time.  The bite was hit and miss, with more follows than nibbles, but we did manage to hook some nice trout.  Oddly enough, more rainbows were on the bite and I was the only one who could manage a brown trout to the net.   While rigging down at Palisades, the clouds opened up for a second revealing the first true snow fall of Autumn.  Yes, you heard that right, it snowed today in the high country of the Madison Valley.  All the peaks were dusted and it looked stunning….then reality set in that I have yet to cut all my firewood. 

JJ Heames - at the helm on Henry's Lake.

Henry’s Lake has been good for most of the season, but as of late, some days have been better than others.  We fished pretty hard a few days ago and boated 2, hooked 3 more – slow as shit for us.  However, the little old lady in the photo below was knocking the shit out of them on a spinning rod.  Go Grandma!  Classic Idaho.

Grandma puttin' the wood to em'.

One of my favorite local characters to spend a day in the boat with is Chris “Fella” Herpin – a guide for Bud Lilly’s Trout Shop for the past 18 seasons.  Fella is about as fishy as they come and never is there a lack of description for anything he does.  Fella fished dry flies today until the rain pounded his bugs into the river, finally resulting in his surrender to the streamer game. 

Fella preps for fishing. Going Upper Deck.