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1-3 at my place, still coming down.


Guided the Madison today in the pouring rain, wind, cold ass weather and then snow……my customer was a tough cookie and held up in harsh conditions.  Yes, snow fell hard and is still falling from the sky.  Howard Creek Ranch, on Henry’s Lake, has 8 inches on the ground….Trouthunter on the H Fork has about the same.  Is Winter here?  Not a chance, but I bet the elk think so.  The river was good today.  We wade fished as a float trip would have been pretty dumb considering the weather down there.  Streamers……BWOs too….not a blanket hatch, but enough to make good trout rise in a few spots.  BBT were looking for scuplins to eat.  Reminded me of Rancor – Return of Jedi – the crazy pet of Jabba the Hut which Luke ultimately kills in the pit….random, I know, but a thought none the less which occured after several huge browns rushed out from behind a boulder to crush our sculpin pattern.