Smith River Update

by | May 6, 2010 | 0 comments

snow works great as insulation.....

 My buddy Neal Courtis, a one of West Yellowstone’s finest, sent me these photos this afternoon.  Neal and his crew are putting in on Sunday, same day as us.  We have been hearing these rumors of crazy weather around White Sulphur Springs, MT.  Looks like they’re true.

36 inches fell on these guys in 24 hrs last weekend. They also had sustainable winds up to 35 mph.  With conditions like this, they were lucky to get out.  The Smith is known for spring storms and two years ago a few people got snowed in for a week.  The river can freeze over with snowfall like this.

holy shit....that looks cold.

a true white out.

 Can you see the guy in the bottom, center part of the page?  Looks like he is checking the boats to make sure they are still there.  Our trip is coming together nicey. We are almost organized and will load up on Saturday morning.  I got a box in the mail from Patagonia with some much needed insulation for this trip.  A new Down Sweather and the Nano Puff Pullover will help keep me warm…..hopefully……a bottle of whiskey and fire might do a better job….who knows.