Salmonflies and caddis

by | Jul 12, 2010 | 0 comments

Evening caddis on the Madison Rivder

 Summer is rolling right along. It will be a flash in the pan….already is.  Are you coming out this season?  You should, but there is always next year.  The dry fly angling has been pretty solid here for the last week.  There have been slow spots on the river throughout the day, but overall, the bite is on.  The fish however, are not as easy to hook as they were a week ago.  Sneaky….very sneaky.  There is always a few village idoits who inhale the fly, but if you look up to catch a vista of the mountains, something will eat your fly.  Promise.  It happens every day in my boat. 

We sight nymphed this one after he refused the dry twice.

I had a killer day this past Thursday with the two anglers pictured above – Steven and Dan.   Steven was quite good and was taught to cast by Mel Krieger as a child in SF.  He needs to get rid of that sharkskin line.   Dan figured out early on in the day that a tight loop in the wind is the only way.  Well done boys, that was fun. 

Dryfly fishing at dusk....around 10 pm.