Rubber Legs

by | Apr 4, 2011 | 0 comments

Trout love the rubber legged stonefly.

Stoneflies are a large part of a fishes’ diet year around.   A Rubber Leg Stone Fly Nymph just might be one of the most fished flies on all the freestone rivers in SW Montana.   A versatile pattern, which can be swung off the banks with 2x,  bobbered up  – deep in the Madison River or dropped of the back of a gaint Salmonfly Dry.  We like ours tied on a #6 with lead in variations of black, olive and brown.  Omit tying in the lead for the dropper scenario…much eaiser to cast.  My time at the vice today was spent tying a few dozen of the these and some midge clusters as well. 

A version of Pat's Rubber Leg.