Robert Van Rensburg has been a strong member of the BSA shop and guide staff for the past 2 years, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience. He is originally from South Africa and has guided in his home country, Chilean Patagonia, and the US. Robert is an amazing fly tyer, a highly professional guide, instructor, and dedicated angler. He comes from the world of competitive angling and has competed all over the world, having fished in over 20 countries. A master in the realm of Euro style nymphing as well as many other world cup techniques, Robert has been sought out by many of our customers to help them learn more about these versatile and extremely effective techniques. A day on the water with Robert is a day filled with laughs, learning, and usually a good helping of trout.

Robert is a R.E.E.F.I.S (UK) qualified guide, casting and fly tying instructor. He fished with the South African National team in 13 World and Commonwealth Fly Fishing championships, and has earned numerous National Championship titles, both silver and gold medals. Robert is also a member of the SAGE Fly Rods Elite Pro Staff.