by | Mar 3, 2006 | 0 comments

My how time flies. Over the past month I have fished the Titusville area for Reds with PB and a local flat on Palma Sola Bay here in Bradenton. Titusville was a ton of fun, but the weather got the best of us. I was able to get a nice 10 lb Red on the fly and had a few more shots. The wind blew and I wasn’t quite on my game. I am headed back to the Lagoon sometime next week. Hopefully, we’ll catch the weather when it is nice. I got an email from PB and he sent me a photo of a Red that was 30+lbs. Just an amazing fish. Palma Sola Bay has been intersting as there has not been a ton of fish out there and they have been super spooky. Later this afternoon I am going to head out to Palma Sola and check the east end of the bay.