Red Dog and such

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Red Fox

Today, we had a spectacular day of wildlife watching in Yellowstone.  Our snowbus saw three dogs, a cat and three large weasels….aka…a wolf, coyotes, fox, bobcat, river otters and a beaver.  Two otters were cruising downstream near the eagle’s nest.  One coyote was two miles below Madison Junction walking the river bank, the other in the Hayden Valley. On our way to Canyon Village, the fox above, loomed around a small bison herd for about twenty mintues and hunted rodents.  The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone was suberb with blue skies and not too much wind.  Towards Hayden Valley there was this gaint beaver on the ice eating his winter stash.  After making the turn towards West Yellowstone, where the river comes right next to the road, there were about fifty bison on alert, some puffed up and stomping towards the forest line.  Another bomb and myself were pulled over watching the seen when we figured out a lone black wolf was sleeping, all cured up, underneath a leaning Douglas Fir.  The bison could smell the wolf and decided to hang out in the open meadow.   We watched for a bit and then pulled away.  Not but a mile or so down the road, on the south side of the Madison, there was a bobcat sneaking about the bank.  

Epic day for wildlife.

By now, the sky is dark and I sit here wondering about what this evening will bring………..

Buried Deep