Really…did we really need this?

by | Apr 26, 2009 | 0 comments

grizzly-bar.JPG    There are a couple of things about this photo that are extremely interesting.  First off, the Grizzly Bar will be open again this summer starting May 15th.  Hell ya! This place opened up in 1978 and my first visit was in ’92.  Back in the day, my Dad and his fishing buddies would hit the Grizz up every couple of nights for burgers, peppered fries and beers. 

Secondly, there is a new cell tower. This has been up for debate around local fishing circles for years and quite frankly I hate it. You know what better cell service means?  More summer homes on the river that don’t get lived in except for 1 week per year.  Yes, I know some of these fine folks fish with me each year and help the tourism industry survive, but come on, did we really need this? It is so nice to be on a river where no cell phone will work for the entire day.  This tower is made to look like a tree but we haven’t had 200 foot tall trees (redwoods) in this part of the country for 50 million years.  The last know redwoods were on Specimen Ridge in YNP and were fossilized by volcanic debris many moons ago.