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Yes, 38 below.....

Stepping outside to snap this shot, with a quickness in my step, proved to be almsot too much this morning.  38 below…..and a blurred photo……too bad, it’s cold.  I love winter, but this kind of cold is over the top.  This is what makes all those second and third homes owners sell their place and move back to the southern latitudes, thus providing their tramline ski bum realtor with yet another chance to sell that 5000 square foot home built for 2.

newly retired husband at 50 – “Honey, I really want to sell the house and live year around in Montana now that we have retired from stealing America’s money The Big Bank.  Skiing, winter angling, soft snow falling, stary nights, sleigh rides, evening walks in downtown Bozeman, warm nights by the fire….doesn’t that  sound romantic?”

never worked trophy wife at 39 – “Hell no.  I’m divorcing you and taking half if you want to live year around in Montana.  Now get on the chopper so we aren’t too late for dinner with the Keatons.  Don’t you think it’s time to sell that house in Montana?  I want to live in Buenos Aires this year.”