Quake is getting greenish-brown….

by | May 21, 2010 | 0 comments


Madison below Hebgen: 714 cfs

Madison @ Kirby Ranch: 1090 cfs

Missouri below Holter: 4320 cfs

Get out there....

This morning I woke to a light shower and a mild breeze.   The sunshine popped out with those big fluffy clouds and the river was once again calling my name.  Before long it will be muddy and unfishable and my guide schedule will get in the way of fishing.  I finished up a few jobs around the house, ran to Town, called ER, made some tacos and hit the road.  It was nice and pleasant on Horse Butte and with a quick phone call to Slide Inn, we were told the same for the Madison Valley.  The wind blew in some crazy weather this afternoon.  Side-ways rain, a 20 degree temperature drop, blowing snow, a little sunshine and more wind is what Mother Nature dished our way.  Not necessarily the best weather for angling, but nobody told that to the trout.  Rigging up two rods, we fished trout for trout for 3 hours.  They ate dry flies right out the gate and ER shook off the rust with 5 or 6 fish hooked and one landed.  In the rain I switched to streamers and banged a few more.  The rain quit, so we fished dry flies for a while longer with fish taking them in most spots along the bank.  Once the snow began, the fish got on the flies pretty hard.  This weather would have kept most anglers at home, but you only live once, so get out there. Go Fishing.