Puddle Duck Soup

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 Last November, we shot a bunch of mallards on our 14 day bird hunting trip.  Most guys I know, dislike eating too many ducks.  Why? Too red?  I don’t know, but I know they love shooting them over their decoys. When I was a kid, my father would grill mallards whole, indirectly, on the Webber.  I have a recipe that allows for wonderful consuption of your duck breasts.   This recipe will feed a ton of people, so I freeze most of it and eat later in the winter.

Puddle Duck Soup

2   cans of Campbell’s Famliy Size Cream of Chicken Soup

2   14.5  oz. cans of chicken broth

8   duck breasts, cubbed  (4 ducks, preferrably mallard drakes shot over decoys) 

1  cup each of corn, celery and green onions, tonight I added asparagus.

4  cloves of garlic,  chopped

Sautee ducks, garlic, olive oil, salt, pepper, and veggies until ducks are browned.  Add to cream of chicken and chicken broth mix which is on stove and warm.  simmer for 2 hours.  eat with bread and a few beers. 

Tonight, there are hundreds of men and women fighting in a huge battle. They are calling it the D Day of Afghanistan.  Keep that in mind while you watch the opening of the Olympic Games safe in your home.