PMDs, Flavs, Grey Drakes, Golden Stones….need I say more?

by | Jun 30, 2008 | 0 comments

Even though Big Sky Anglers is not permitted to guide the Henry’s Fork [this has changes since the writing of this post in 2008 – BSA], we love to take full advantage of the dry fly fishing on the Fork this time of the year.  The Madison is a little off color and ripping through the valley and since I am tired of looking at bobbers, 2 boat loads of us took a drive down to Ashton, ID yesterday and floated from Ora down to Chester Backwater.  The lower Henry’s Fork is in prime shape and the hatches are prolific.  Mid day we threw on a bobber for Kielly’s wife, Paige, and daughter, Bridgette (11yrs).  Neither of them had ever fly fished before so we got them going with nymphs.  Nothing makes an 11 yr. old  smile like a trout on a fly rod. There was a #18 Caddis emerging and swinging an olive soft hackle proved to be winner for the new anglers.  Around 6 pm fish started rising mid river and busting the Grey Drake spinners as they floated helplessly in the surface film. We did not hit Chester until 10:30 pm. What fun we had.  Tonight a few of us are headed down the Harriman Ranch for a evening with the Brown Drakes.  My Mom and Dad have arrived for the summer and I believe my dad, Tom, will be joining us for the evening.

Stay tuned for more reports on the Fork and Madison as it comes in to shape ove the next 10 days.