Pennies from the sky

by | Mar 8, 2009 | 0 comments

p1010052.JPG   Our snowpack here in the Madison Range has jumped conserably in the last week adding a few more pennies from the sky.  I ran into an old local the other morning and that is how she described the amount of snow that has fallen…..pennies from the sky.  It is amazing how much everything around here depends on snowpack.  The photo above was taken just before I wrote this report today.  With all the wind, it has been hard to tell how much we have been gettn’ , but the snowtel report says 94% of snowpack with a 90% snow to water equilvalent……..we’ll take it…….but keep it flying.


Hebgen Lake is only 7.8 feet below it’s capacity. Not bad at all, in my opinion.  There should be no problem filling it by the end of run-off, giving us plenty of cold water for the summer.  PPL is going to fix the dam toward the end of April.  They are going to open up the diversion waterway and keep the flows the same.  If they had decided to wait till after run-off, the water coming down the shoot might have been too warm as it came off the lake and into the river.  Fixing the problem early on, before run-off, gives the river and the spawners cold water. 


 This coming season could possibly be one of the best we have ever seen…ya, ya, ya…you’ve heard that before.  BUT, the high water last year, twice, gave our trout plenty of food and more habitat than they have had since 1997.  Trout prosper in big water years and the season following has historically been a banner year with prolific hatches and strong trout. This is not a season to miss. Both Madison and Missouri will put a bend in your rod and smile on your face.