Jardines de la Reina

The Jardines is considered one of the best and most well preserved ecosystems in all of the Caribbean, it was established as a marine reserve by Fidel Castro many years ago under the urging of his amigo Jacques Cousteau. Its distance from the mainland has kept it protected from Cuban and international fishing vessels and it is a remarkable environment. The reefs here are spectacular and are well known for diving as well as fishing. This is one of the best locations in the world to fly fish for tarpon.



Guests in the JDR enjoy comfortable accomodations aboard one of 4 yachts; Jardines Avalon I, Jardines Avalon II, Jardines Avalon III and Perola. Each angler will have his/her own stateroom and en suite bathroom. The yacht is air conditioned, has a couple of decks and an on board jacuzzi, it is well equipped for comfort.

Hunt the Silver King

The tarpon in Jardines range from 30-120 lbs on the average and have a good mix of all sizes, there are shots at groups of smaller fish followed by pods of larger tarpon on the move. Much of the fishing is done by staking out the skiffs at passes and bottlenecks. This area has the reputation of having some of the best tarpon fishing in the world today in terms of numbers of shots and percentage of eats on the fly.

Explore Diverse habitat

Bonefish and permit are also found in good numbers if anglers choose to pursue these species and there are other great flats species to pursue as well. Good populations of barracuda, jacks, snapper, grouper make for a great diversity in the program.

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Jardines de la reina

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Jardines de la Reina

Jardines de la Reina is for those looking for adventure, absolutely amazing food with fresh seafood every day, and complete comfort.

This vast marine park, which is bigger in size of the Florida Keys, is ideal for fly-fisherman who wish to live and experience fishing from dawn till dusk.