Upper Rio Parana, Corrientes Province

grand slam

The Upper Rio Parana at Suinda Lodge is our favorite location in Argentina to target a giant dorado (20-40 pounds) on the fly in clear, shallow water.  Another unique bonus at Suinda Lodge is the “Grand Slam” which includes dorado, the exotic and powerful pacu, and streamlined pira pita.  First class guides, lodging, and incredible food round out the total package for those looking for a true trophy dorado.


Suindá is a dorado-fisher’s dream, strategically located near the town of Itatí, in the province of Corrientes.  Based out of Suinda Lodge you will be fishing the main Parana River. The location of Suinda is strategic in that the Upper Parana remains clear while the lower reaches are often stained or muddy. The clarity of the water combined with the chance at a 20 to 40 pound golden dorado make this a very unique fishery. Its secret lies in its structure: generally fast-flowing runs, coursing over beautiful rock gardens. You’ll also sight-fish sandbank zones, where, when the conditions are right, colossal dorado hunt sabalo baitfish that seasonally congregate in big schools.  Giant dorado don’t come easy, though.  This is not a place to expect numbers of fish. Trophy dorado hunting involves complete commitment during the day.  If the angler prefers to mix up the fishing, and add some variety to the trophy hunt, the guides can cross the main Rio Parana and fish tributaries that divide Argentina and Paraguay for smaller size dorado, pacu, and pira pita.

This is a great lodge to combine with a 3-4 days stay at the more remote Pira lodge which offers some unique fishing and incredible eco-tourism in its own right.

Suida Lodge is superb.  The stilted living quarters are perched on a high bluff and set an additional nine feet above ground, offering soaring views of the sprawling river and its natural surroundings.
The eco-property includes three spacious, two-bedroom “cabañas”, with private bathrooms. Wooden footbridges conveniently connect each room to the main dining hall. From there, it’s a short walk to the water, where you’ll spend your days exploring the Paraná’s most productive, structure-rich sections for monster dorado.  The lodge can stay 8 guests, with all rooms based on shared occupancy.  Single rooms are an option based on availability.  The dining room, bar, and fly-tying area are all fun settings.  Like all the Nervous Waters lodges, gourmet dining with Argentina’s famed beef and fine wines, traditional Asados (BBQs), and delicious desserts are a given!