Northern Patagonia, Neuquen Province
November – May


The Patagonia Nomads operation literally shares its roots with Big Sky Anglers.  As a founding member of the Nomads, Justin Spence was one of a small handful of outfitters that pioneered the idea of building fully custom trip itineraries in Northern Patagonia. Based in San Martin de los Andes, they fish  legendary waters like the Chimehuin, Malleo, Alumine, Collon Cura, and Limay, as well as lesser known gems including many virtually unfished stillwaters.  The Nomads offer a very long season, and access to over a dozen lodges with different types of water.  They are experienced guides who truly understand local insect hatches and target fish during those hatches like we often do in the Rocky Mountains, but is still rarely done in Patagonia.  The Nomads offer a variety of wade and float fishing opportunities, first class guides, lodging options, and equipment, and are one of only a handful of Orvis Endorsed Outfitters in South America.


Patagonia Nomads is an outfitting business that specializes in custom trips on some of the most famous Argentine rivers like the Chimehuin, Malleo, Alumine, Collon Cura, Limay, and many more.  The Nomads start their season in early November and guide through May, shifting their focus based on hatch timing, water conditions, and angler preference. The area The Nomads outfit in is considered by many as the most diverse trout fishery in all of Argentina, and in many ways it reminds us of the area around West Yellowstone in terms of the sheer number of angling options available.

Each body of water in the region has its own unique character and nuance, but generally speaking, the fishing approach can be broken down into Early, Middle, and Late season.  Fishing in the Early Season (November through December) is characterized by higher but still clear water, aggressive fish, and presenting big streamers and big dries.  Often, drift boats and rafts are critical at this time of year for access.  Banging the banks and working the inside seams is most productive.

Mid Season fishing (January through the middle of March ) encompasses the heart of the Patagonian summer.  At the start of the mid season, the focus is on hatches of aquatic insects and fishing dries to rising or otherwise surface oriented fish.  A sthe aquatic insect hatches fade out, we find ourselves transitioning into a focus on terrestrial insects such as beetles, hoppers, ants, and the famous inchworm “el gusanito”.  This is a great time of year for both wade and float fishing. 

The Late Season (Late March through May) is Autumn in Patagonia.  Terrestrial fishing fades based on weather, and autumn hatches like Baetis take center stage for dry fly anglers.  As conditions change, water temps cool, and rains bring more flow to the rivers, streamer fishing for the biggest migratory browns in northern Patagonia takes center stage.

Patagonia Nomads works with nearly a dozen of the most well regarded private lodges in northern Patagonia to be able to custom tailor both angling and accommodations for their customers.  The diversity of lodge partners allows the Nomads to follow the best fishing throughout their long season.  The scenery and settings vary from lodge to lodge, but all of them offer fantastic private access, proximity to water, and outstanding food and clean, comfortable, first class rooms and amenities. 

In addition to the lodges, Patagonia Nomads offers a town-based, road trip style program during certain times of the year.  These trips take advantage of small, comfortable, local accommodations and food in towns located close to specific fisheries.  This program can also be tailored to include multi-day river camping trips.