Trout Fishing

Patagonia is synonymous with trout fishing. From the north to the south, there are more incredible trout waters than you could explore in ten lifetimes. The fishing is only a part of the experience, though. The landscape, culture, food, and wine are all something to behold.



Northern Patagonia, Neuquen Province

November through May

Patagonia Nomads offer a very long season, and access to over a dozen lodges with different types of water.  The Nomads offer a variety of wade and float fishing opportunities, first class guides, lodging options, and equipment, and are one of only a handful of Orvis Endorsed Outfitters in South America.

El Encuentro Fly Fishing

Middle Patagonia, Chubut Province

El Encuentro’s roots run deep in the land of inspiring landscapes, warm people, and legendary trout. They began welcoming people to El Encuentro – “the Meeting Place” – more than 30 years ago.  In their own words, “Nothing brings us more joy than to share this rich life with our guests, and welcome them back year after year as part of the El Encuentro Family. “


Middle Patagonia, Chubut Province

November – April

As one of the largest private fishing ranches in all of Argentina, Estancia Tecka offers exclusive access to nearly 100 miles of fishable rivers and streams as well as several lakes that hold trophy sized rainbow and brown trout.  The vastness of Estancia Tecka is incredible, and the ranch has phenomenal wade and float fishing opportunities, as well as wildlife viewing, spectacular scenery, excellent guides, and first class lodging and meals.

Estancia Laguna Verde

Lago Strobel (aka Jurassic Lake) & Rio Barrancoso, Santa Cruz Province

November – Early April

Simply put, Lago Strobel and the Rio Barrancoso are probably THE BEST place on earth to catch giant, wild rainbow trout. If you are looking to catch the biggest rainbow trout of your life this is the place! Estancia Laguna Verde is very unique in that, unlike other operations, it offers anglers access via private roads to a huge amount of the eastern shoreline of Jurassic Lake.

Sea Run Brown Trout Fishing

The Rio Grande is the undisputed champion of rivers when it comes to both size and numbers of sea run brown trout, with estimates of around 75,000 browns returning to spawn annually. 10 pound fish are common, 20 pounders are not uncommon, and fish over 30 pounds are possible! There is no better place on earth to flyfish for these incredible trout.


Estancia Maria Behety Lodge

Rio Grande, Tierra del Fuego

January – Mid April

Located on the wind swept plains of Tierra del Fuego, Estancia Maria Behety is the largest estancia on the Rio Grande offering more than 30 miles of river access to its guest.   The landscape is harsh, yet beautiful, difficult, yet oddly magnetic.

La Villa de Maria Behety

Rio Grande, Tierra del Fuego

January – Mid April

Estancia Maria Behety has terrific access to more river than any other estancia on the Rio Grande.  La Villa is located on the lower portion of the Rio Grande, making it a great spot to stay in January when the majority of the fish are staging in the lower river. Guests staying at La Villa fish the same water as those lodging at Estancia Maria Behety, but avoid the hour-long drive to the runs and pool pools of the lower river.

Kau Tapen Lodge

Rio Grande and Rio Menendez, Tierra del Fuego

January – 1st week of April

Kau Tapen is located in the middle of the Rio Grande System, just above the Menendez River, the largest spawning tributary on the Rio Grande. It is one of our favorite lodges during the months of February and March when thousands of sea trout stage in the runs up and downstream of the Menendez, and in the Menendez itself. In addition to its prime location it offers world class guides, lodging, meals, and equipment.

Golden Dorado Fishing

The golden dorado is a savage predator, and fishing for them on the waters of northern Argentina rivals any saltwater fly fishing experience for sheer excitement. Add in the amazing culture, food, and wine of Argentina, and you have the makings for the trip of a lifetime.


Pira Lodge

Ibera Marsh & Rio Corrientes, Corrientes Province

October -April

Pira Lodge offers the Dorado angler the chance to fish in a true wilderness setting, bridging the gap between superb fishing and exceptional eco-tourism.  The clear water and plentiful Dorado make for great sight fishing opportunities. The lodge is extremely comfortable, and the friendly, knowledgeable, bilingual guides are absolutely top notch.

Suinda Lodge

Upper Rio Parana, Corrientes Province

October – April

The Upper Rio Parana at Suinda Lodge is our favorite location in Argentina to target a giant dorado (20-40 pounds) on the fly in clear, shallow water.  Another unique bonus at Suinda Lodge is the “Grand Slam” which includes dorado, the exotic and powerful pacu, and streamlined pira pita.  First class guides, lodging, and incredible food round out the total package for those looking for a true trophy dorado.

Golden Dorado River Cruiser

Upper delta of the Rio Parana, Santa Fe Province

Year Round Availability

The Golden Dorado River Cruiser is a great place to get into golden dorado fishing. The lodge is a live-aboard mothership which allows anglers to fish from early morning until dark.  Here, many different techniques  can be used to target dorado that are primarily in the 3-6lb class.   Guided anglers that stay on the River Cruiser have access to miles of river channels off the main Parana River.