Old Man Winter Returns…..

by | May 23, 2010 | 0 comments

More Snow #$%*@#!

 Old Man Winter is really grinding on my nerves.  Sure, the mountains could use a little more snow, but I am just plain sick of this white shit.  It was 92 degrees in Austin, TX yesterday and I don’t want that either.  Picky, you say?  Not really.  I fished all winter long in snow & cold and now I just want to cast a fly without fingerless gloves and handwarmers.  Just last week I walked across $3 Bridge in shorts and flipflops.  That may have pissed off Old Man Winter, who knows.

So what does all this mean for the fishing?  The run-off will slow up just a bit since the higher elevations are freezing and not thawing.  Cabin and Beaver Crks might just clear allowing a few more days of incredible fishing on the Madison below Quake Lake.  Same goes for the West Fork and the float section.  Our snow pack is getting a little deeper and maybe late August won’t be so hot. Really, though, this snow isn’t going to help August much.  What we need is rain in July and August about every other day in the afternoon when the sun is the hottest….that will help late August and early September.  

Eaten......a lot.

Bookings for August and September are coming in.  All the talk about the hopper plague must be getting to some folks.  Crazy, I know, but there are already hoppers along the banks of most rivers in Montana.  Back in mid-April when I was on the Missouri, we could here their wings clacking along the RR tracks. 

On another note:  Did anyone watch the Champions League Final yesterday???? Diego Milito is dirty good.  Amazing.  Unreal.  Both his goals were sick and should show Coach Maradona that he is worthy of starting in the World Cup.  But Coach Maradona is a bit off his rocker, so who knows who will start for Argentina.  Someday, the USA will have a striker like that……someday.