Oh the wind and rain…..

by | Aug 9, 2008 | 0 comments

Out of Hebgen: 767 cfs 

At Kirby: 926 cfs

The Madison continues to fish well and at this rate we will continue to have dry fly fishing for the rest of summer.  Twitching hopppers has been fun and so has the spruce moth hatch.  I saw Salmonflies at Pine Butte and near Standard Creek two days ago.  Amazing to say the least.  Most of the old timers around here can’t remember a Salmon Fly hatch that has lasted this long.

 Today I put in at Lyons at 8 am and had incredible dry fly fishing until we got hit with the wind and rain at the Swallow Cliffs.  40-50 mph gusts up and down stream and blowing cold rain came in quick and hung out long enough to make us push for the ramp.  There were big fish rising today to eat hoppers, ants, moths and just about what ever you wanted to throw. August is shaping up to be one of the best I have seen in recent years.  I can’t wait to fish one of these days when I get some time off from guiding….maybe Monday or Tuesday.

 The mountains are still green and it feels like early July.  Hebgen Lake is full and for some reason PPL is holding back the water.  It would be nice to see another 200-300 cfs in the river since the temps around Ennis have hit 70 degrees from time to time in the last week.  It is August after all…..what is PPL waiting for?

Hebgen Lake is calling my name.  If the winds hold back there are fish up everyday on the lake.  I had a day off about 8 days ago and fished the lake with Jon and John.  For about an hour we had fish everywhere and they were fairly dumb, rising to JC Spinners and Cripples in the shallow water. 

Stay tuned for more updates.  I have been extremely buys this last month and finding time to write more reports has been tough.