A gaint Missouri River Brown Trout - Dry Fly

 Big Sky Anglers has been busy guiding anglers from the Missouri to the Madison and even a couple of days in the backcountry of YNP.  The trout above was caught this morning on a #18 dry fly.  Well done Doug, that is a toad.  Our rivers here in MT are continuing to fish, the mornings are a bit better, but honestly, fly fishing rewards those who stick with it and fish well…..even when the trout are not biting.  One never knows when a fish will decide to rise, keep on keeping on. 

Gerry the frogman, fishing in YNP.

Gerry and Lisa just finished up four days of fishing with me here in West Yellowstone.  We floated the Madison and fished the NE Corner of YNP.  We had a blast hiking around YNP fishing dry flies to Yellowstone Cutthroats.  There are still salmonflies hatching in some areas on the Yellowstone River in YNP.  Watching a Cutty take a #4 Jacklin’s Salmonfly is blissfull……and even better because it is almost August.  The Madison is day to day.  Some days are fantastic and some are a bit on tough side.  It is fishing afterall.   There are a few nocturnal stoneflies around, but not tons.  The hoppers are starting to show up near the banks, but right now they are small, about a size #14, mabye a #12.  I hung a tiny hopper off a #10 Royal Wulff the other day and had a large fish come out of nowhere below Ruby Creek to eat it………..we didn’t hook it, but it was on the larger side of big trout.