October is near…..

by | Sep 30, 2012 | 0 comments

One month down and two more to go.  Where did September go?  Probably the same place that June, July and August went – right down the river.  Bob (above) and his crew came out for a late September Montana fishing trip.  We fished the Madison within YNP, the Madison below Lyons Bridge in Montana and they also hit the Gallatin and Yellowstone on their own.  All in all, it was great trip.  Thanks for coming to fish with us Bob!  Hope to see ya next Fall.

A few more Hebgen Lake runners showed up over the past several days.  The cooler weather, rain and clouds must have enticed a mass of trout to push into the system.  The first solid push of many, but none the less, good numbers of both brown and rainbow trout are now in the river.   Obviously, some runs with in the boundaries of Yellowstone are holding more fish than others.  It helps to get out and walk around, covering the water with both nymphs and streamers.  Move on if you can’t find’em within an hour or so.

Dewboy is in town for the week and always hits the Fall Run on the button every year.  We are too lucky here in West Yellowstone during late September on through October.  A five minute drive can find one standing in the middle of the Madison with big trout hanging around.   This morning we met early for coffee and donuts, then made our way through the West Gate and chased the runners up and down the 15 mile stretch of the Madison River.  While there are quite a few anglers around, it pays to get out and fish the water that others are not.  The popular runs are busy, but remember – there are fish in the entire system and the trout must pass through one section to get to another.  Fish it all….

Coming to Yellowstone National Park this October?  Why not take your chances with hooking one of these large migratory browns?  October is the month for Fall brown trout and the rivers around West Yellowstone are full of water….and some big fish.  Give us a call if you are interested in learning more.