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Watching a trout, perched high above the Madison on Reynold’s Bridge, is a pasttime of mine and many other fishing bums who call the area home.  The vistas from Reynolds both up and down stream are unmatched. I have been there at sunrise and sunet for more than 14 years and nothing comes as close for beauty. On cold mornings, the river warms the air just above the water and the fog is thick. As the sun rises above the Madison Range, the river bottom warms, the fog burns off and the river turns aqua blue revealing the trout below. One can smell the fish, or the fishyness of the Madison during the early morning hours of the day.

 By late August, there are less anglers and less pressure.  The trout are weary, tough to catch sometimes.  But of course catching them is just half the fun.  I throughly enjoy watching a fish in its natural state.  In just a few moments of watching a fish, you will learn what he is eating – giving you the advantage you need to catch him. Is the trout still, sitting on the bottom? Is the trout dancing from side to side showing the white of it’s mouth? Did it rise?  Trout love the banks on our river, and most visiting anglers forget that……fish before you walk and fish close first. 


Site fishing with Jim…..dry flies of course.