Nymph’em Up

by | Sep 26, 2011 | 0 comments

PB and clients....hooked up.

Yesterday, Sunday that is, was tougher than old rawhide on the Madison River.  At points during the day, I wanted to give Bud and Gary their money back because the river just wasn’t cooperating with their good drifts and well presented flies.  Maybe it was the white caps, 30 mph wind and high sun….maybe it was…….shit, who knows.   Anywho, we did manage to catch some trout, but work it was. 

"Bud" expressing life's classic stories.

Today, on the other hand, was completely different.  The trout ate flies from ramp to ramp.  We stuck with the nymphs as the browns were on the bite and kept eating scuplin patterns and the $3 Dip.  There were lots of nice big trout eating in the middle of the river, behind the boulders and on the banks.  Bud and Gary, friends since birth, believed in the Madison River and stuck by me through one of the toughest days I have seen in awhile.   They are true outdoorsmen and know that sometimes, Mother Nature deals a rough hand – guiding anglers like these two is a real treat.  Thanks fellas.  I can’t wait for tomorrow as the stories which come out Bud’s mouth are as classic as they get.  He kept Gary and I laughing all day long…………

Fall colors